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Army reservist Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who shot 12 cops at Dallas protest

The man who shot 12 police officers, killing five, at a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas on Thursday night has been named as Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25-year-old Army reservist ... Read More


Thousands demonstrate in Addis Ababa National Palace today

Thousands of Nifas Silk Laphto Sub-City residents held demonstration demanding for their right respected in-front of the National Palace in Addis Ababa, today. Read More


ዳግማዊ ምኒል- ለስልጣኔና ለልማት ከልባቸው የተጉ ንጉሰ-ነገስት

አጼ ምኒልክ አብዛኛውን የስልጣን ዘመናቸውን ያሳለፉት፣ በአገሪቱ 4ቱም ማዕዘን እየተዘዋወሩ ጸጥታ በማስጠበቅ፣ ከማዕከላዊ መንግስት ያፈነገጡ አውራጃዎችን መልሶ በመሰብሰብና ከኢጣሊያ... Read More


በኢትዮጵያ የመጀመሪያው ሐኪም፣ አዛዥ ሐኪም ወርቅነህ እሸቴ (ዶ/ር ማርቲን)

ሐኪም ወርቅነህ እሸቴ (ዶክተር ቻርለስ ማርቲን) ከአባታቸው አዛዥ እሸቴ ወ/ማርያም እና ከእናታቸው ወ/ሮ ደስታ በ1857 ዓ.ም. በጎንደር አካባቢ ተወለዱ... Read More


For Ethiopians, ‘Mother India’ is the mother of all films

For Ethiopians, Bollywood is synonymous with “Mother India” (1957) and such is the popularity of the... Read More



የሚሞሉት የሞባይል ካርድ በኢንተርኔት አገልግሎት ምክንያት በፍጥነት እያለቀ ተቸግረዎል? Read More


Plane hijacker sentenced to psychiatric care

During Monday’s sentencing, the judge deemed the defendant’s risk of relapse to be high and so sentenced him to undergo therapy while under guard in canton Geneva. Read More


Ethiopian runners sweep Boston Marathon

Ethiopia had a banner day at the Boston Marathon on Monday, as Lemi Berhanu Hayle and Atsede Baysa won the men's and women's titles. Read More


Ethiopia’s first Skate Park opened up today

Skateboarding may be a relatively new sport in Ethiopia but it’s growing in popularity and now the capital, Addis Ababa, is gets its first concrete skate park... Read More


Whatsapp adds end-to-end encryption

Instant messaging service Whatsapp has announced it will encrypt all its users' communications from Tuesday... Read More


He fled to the U.S. for political asylum. Two years later, he won a full scholarship

Mikias Gebremeskel stood in a public spot in Ethiopia’s capital city handing out anti-government fliers to passersby. Read More


Ethiopia Ranked as The Number #1 Religious Country In the World

ኢትዮጲያን ከዓለም አንደኛ ሃይማኖተኛ አገር ተባለች እንደ Global Attitude Studies የ2015 ሪፖርት Read More


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