የሚንስትሮች ሹመት ታሪክ በኢትዮጵያ።

በኢትዮጵያ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ዘመናዊ ሲቪል ሰርቪስ በጥቅምት 14 ቀን 1900 ዓ.ም. ዳግማዊ አፄ ምኒሊክ ... Read More


እርግዝናን የመከላከያ መንገዶችና እውነታቸው

ያልተፈለገ እርግዝናን ለመከላከልና ራስዎን ከአባላዘር በሽታዎች ለመጠበቅ ሲባል የተለያዩ መንገዶችን ይጠቀሙ ይሆናል፡፡ Read More


Somali pirates free 26 hostages after nearly 5 years in captivity, group says

(CNN)Somali pirates have released 26 hostages after nearly five years in captivity, according to an organization involved in mediation Read More


CNN – 7 Signs of Cervical Cancer That Women Need to Observe

For women, cervical or cervix cancer can be deadly. While statistics about this cancer is frightening, cervical cancer can be .... Read More


Feyisa Lilesa: 'I am not seeking asylum in the US'

Washington, DC - When long-distance runners are in their stride, thoughts weave from pace and distance, to discomfort and the environment. Read More


ምንድነው ጥፋቱ?

ማን ማሰር ይችላል አምላክ የፈታውን፤ ፀሀይን ማን ሊይዝ እሳት ነበልባሉን ። ምንድነው ጥፋቱ ፍቅርን በሰበከ፤ ሚቆረቁረንን ጀርባችን ባከከ። Read More


Another Pastor Jailed In U.S For Refusing To Wed Gay Couple

A 56-year-old pastor, Paul Horner, has been jailed in the United States for allegedly refusing to join a gay couple despite the legalization of gay marriage across the nation. Read More


“ደርግ” ምን ማለት ነው ስያሜውንስ ማን ሰጠው ?

ደርግ ከሰኔ 21፣ 1966 እስከ 1979 ዓ.ም. በኢትዮጵያ ሰፍኖ የነበር የወታደራዊ አገዛዝ ስርዓት አይነት ነበር። ደርግ የሚለው ቃል ከግዕዝ የተወሰደ ሲሆን ትርጓሜውም ቡድን ወይንም ኮሚቴ ማለት ነው። ይህን ቃል... Read More


እርግዝናን መከላከል የሚጠቅመን ምንድነው?

የእርግዝና መከላከያ መንገዶች እርግዝና እንዳያጋጥም ልትጠቀምባቸው የምትችል የተለያዩ መንገዶችና አግባቦችን ያጠቃልላል። ለእናንተ በበለጠ የሚስማማችሁ የእርግዝና መንገዶችና አግባቦችን ያጠቃልላል። ለእናንተ በበለጠ ... Read More


Bofta Yimam (Ethiopian American ) Pockets Prestigious Awards for Outstanding Reporting

Bofta Yimam has been announced the first Ethiopia-American news anchor winner of the Regional Emmy award. Read More


Ethiopian refugee gang raped during destruction of Calais Jungle

The attack took place on Tuesday morning when five men set upon the Ethiopian refugee. It came as prosecutors said three suspects involved in the knifepoint... Read More


UN Renews Somalia-Eritrea Arms Embargo

The U.N. Security Council has renewed an arms embargo on Somalia and Eritrea citing a continuing threat from al-Qaida-linked Read More


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