sample of our buildingDecoration. Building decorations with programmable LED

Since everyone has different needs and different style, it is hard to give a pricing without any site inspection By Contacting us in as in Here we can do a free survey of your location and demonstrate to you some of our portfolio in order to come into agreement.

sample of our billboard advertisment.(indoor) Advertisement Billboard

The minimum size of out billboard is 1 meter by 50 Centimeters with the resolution of 64 by 24 which is clearly visible within 2 meters of a distance from the viewer. The minimum size of our billboard price will be $800.00. In addition, our billboards are also excellent choice for indoor use specifically for clubs, restaurant, wedding events and political advertisements etc...

sample of our bilding advertisment. Building LED advertisement

The price of Building Advertisement will calculated After making a free survey and estimation of the location. Unfortunately, each building has its own difficulty and needs its own creativity in order to have a correct pricing. Please contact as Here for more information and scheduling for the survey of lection to give you an accurate pricing.