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Amazing Tea Recipes To Treat Asthma Naturally – Homemade Treatment


Many people are dealing with respiratory problems such as asthma. Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways of the lung and it is characterized by shortness of breath. It is often accompanied with secretion from the mucus membranes in the airways and with circulation disorders.


The most common factor are allergies. Some people are allergic to mold, dust, moisture, hay, pollen or certain drugs.

In some cases, a certain disease of the respiratory system and the digestive organs can be the reason for asthma attack, while in others, the female reproductive system, according to health experts.

Phytotherapy is the key of asthma treatment

Choose one of your favorite herbs listed bellow and relieve the symptoms of bronchial asthma.

Health experts recommend herbs with mild effect which can be used as a home remedy without the risk of poisoning, for the treatment of asthma.

Whatever herb you choose, they all require the same preparation. Just pour a half a liter of boiling water over the herbs and let it rest for 4 hours. After that, you should strain the tea and enjoy drinking it. You can use some honey to sweeten the tea.

  1. Use 3 tablespoons of coltsfoot leaves for the basic recipe
  2. Make a combination of 60 g of coltsfoot leaves, 20 g of regular marshmallow and 20 g of high marshmallow.
  3. Combine 30g of coltsfoot leaves, 20 g of coltsfoot flower, 10g flower elderberry flower, 10 g of greater celandine, and 10 g of winter savory.
  4. Mix 50 g of coltsfoot leaves with 50 g of elecampane root.
  5. Mix 15 g of coltsfoot and marshmallow flower with 70 g of coltsfoot leaves.
  6. Combine 10 g each of lavander flower, coltsfoot flower and marshmallo flower with 70 g of coltsfoot leaves.
  7. Make a mixture from 60 g of coltsfoot leaves, 10 g of white yarrow leaves and flowers and 10 g of yellow yarrows and flowers.
  8. You will need 50 g of coltsfoot leaves, 10 g of each white horehound and common silverweed and 30 g of black popular buds.
  9. Make a combination of 10 g of anise, 10 g of arnica flower, 10 g of elecampane root (ox eye), 10 g of heartsease grass and 50 g of coltsfoot leaves.
  10. You need 50g of coltsfoot leaves, 30 g of thyme, 10 g of hyssop and 10 g of oregano.
  11. Make a mixture of 30 g of plantain leaves, 20 g of grater celandine, 10 g of oregano and 30 g of plaintain leaves.
  12. Combine 40g coltsfoot leaves, 40g of rosemary leaves, 10 g of lavender flowers 10 g and 10 g of orange flowers.
  13. Make a combination of 25 g of lemon flowers, 25 g of orange flowers, 25 of coltsfoot flowers and 25 g of coltsfoot leaves.
  14.  Combine 30 g of coltsfoot leaves, 30 g of quince leaves, 20 g of quince seeds and 20 g of anise seeds.
  15. All you need is 10 g of thyme leaves and 30 g each of corn silk, coltsfoot flowers and cotlsfoot leaves.
  16. Make a combinaton of ona tablespoons of mountain pine needles and one tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves.
  17. Mix a tablespoon of eucalyptus and a tablespoon of fir needles.
  18. In a half a teaspoon of oil, drop 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and stir the mixture. Apply the healing oil on your nostril and mouth.

Note: the most important thing is to determine the root cause of asthma attacks and to predict it in order to treat it well. This will help you remove the allergen as much as possible.

Another thing you can try is spa treatment since it has an amazing effect and the results are exceptional. People with asthma can help themselves to relieve their condition if they take a good care about their hygiene, healthy lifestyle habits, healthy and varied diet and physical activity.


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By Kidus Michael

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