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Kenya and Ethiopian forces in serious face off


- Ethiopian soldiers on Sunday, October 16 entered into Kenya and sorrounded a village

- The about 100 foreign soldiers said they were looking for militants who killed police officers in Ethiopia

Fear engulfed a village in Northeastern Kenya after Ethiopian forces who had crossed over the border surrounded it.

The Nation reports that the more than 100 foreign forces from the neigbouring country arrived at Golole village in Marsabit surrounding it and causing fear among residents.

The attack happens days after Ethiopia declared a six months state of emergency period following weeks of protests majorly by the majority Oromo community.

The Ethiopian forces struck on Sunday, October 16 at around 3 pm.

The foreign forces alleged they were after militants from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) whom they said had killed police officers in their country.

The village is situated about 9 km west of Sololo police station.

As a result, the Kenya Defence Forces based at Oda Camp have been deployed to Sololo police station.

It is not yet known what the instructions are but the fact that the village is only 9 kilometres from where the KDF personnel has been deployed means the Kenyan is closely monitoring the situation.

This is not the first time for Ethiopian forces to cross over to Kenya reportedly to pursue the OLF militants.

In 2015, they crossed over to Kenya, shot and killed three police officers in an ambush, destroyed a police vehicle, and siezed four fire arms. In total, Ethiopian forces crossed over five times in 2015.

The OLF was established in 1973 to push for self governance of the Oromia region in Ethiopia but the Ethiopian government have declined to hear none of that.

Apart from being opposed to the Ethiopian regime, the OLF claims that the majority Oromia- speaking people who include the Borana also found in Kenya have been marginalised.



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On 10-18-2016

By Kidus Michael

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