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The Most Unhealthy Countries in the World. Fortunately, This Does Not Include Ethiopia Nor Eritrea



PRESS RELEASE By Fran Whittaker-Wood

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are now the primary cause of premature deaths worldwide, killing over 36 million people each year. A large percentage of these conditions are self-inflicted, caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking and an unbalanced diet.

A recent report by the World Health Organization revealed that measures to control the spread of NCDs has been inadequate, leading to the United Nations health agency to put pressure on governments around the world to do more to tackle the global health crisis.

The map below exposes the most unhealthy countries in the world, and highlights those whose residents need to change their lifestyle in order to lower their risk of developing life-threatening illnesses.

Data for this research was obtained from the World Health Organization, the CIA World Factbook and the World Lung Association. Each country's performance was ranked on three factors:

  •     Alcohol consumption per person, per year
  •     Tobacco consumption per person, per year
  •     Obesity prevalence within the population

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On 09-26-2017

By Kidus Michael

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